Get to know the Saturn Transit 2021 Predictions

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Here you will Know the Effects of (Saturn Transit 2021) has a great significance in astrology. Know about the planet Saturn, and its impact on 12 zodiac signs
Saturn Transit 2021

Effects of Saturn Transit in 2021 on 12 Zodiac Signs


Saturn (Shanidev) being the most malefic planet among all the planets, moved into its own zodiac sign Capricorn on January 24, 2020 and is expected to stay there till April 28, 22. After which, it will enter into another zodiac sign, Aquarius and goes in retrograde mode and enters into Capricorn once again. It will enter again in Aquarius from Janaury 17, 2023. 


Taking this pattern of movement in account, there is no visible transit in sight by Saturn in the year 2021. It is expected to change only its position from one constellation (nakshatra) to another. This translates into the fact that Saturn will remain seated in Capricorn this year, but it will effect the natives of every sun sign with regards to its position in different constellations. Hence, Saturn Transit in 2021 has a significant relevance in astrology that one needs to be aware of while planning his/her future.


What makes Planet Saturn (Shanidev) the most feared planet in vedic astrology


Saturn is the most malefic and feared planet, according to the vedic astrology. It is often considered as the hard task master whose job is to punish/reward an individual based on his/her deeds. Planet Saturn leaves no task of yours goes unnoticed and unaccounted. If Saturn is placed in a beneficial position in a birth chart, a person will see unprecedented growth and financial prosperity in his life. If it is misplaced, it will push you to the wall for your wrongdoings.


Shani is known as the planet or a god who doesn’t go easy on people. It makes sure you reap, what you sow. It makes you toil harder, bringing your challenges and obstacles to check your determination and persistence. During such times, a person should not lose hope. Instead, work on with complete honesty, integrity and dedication. If you are able to do that, Shanidev will shower you with his grace and blessings. His rewards will be immense and his goodies will bring you success, happiness and prosperity.


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Saturn Transit 2021: Aries

In case of Aries, Saturn planet will reside in your tenth house and will stay there throughout the year. In the initial months of 2021, Saturn will transit in the constellation of Uttaradasha. Because of which, an Aries will have to work hard and use his intellect to be successful at the workplace.


If you fall under Aries zodiac sign, according to the Saturn Transit for year 2021, you will face disputes with your family and your relationship with them will go for a toss. Your father will also suffer health ailments that might arise due to the problems at the workplace or could be due to the fatigue he might feel because of the increasing workload. Going by the nature of planet Saturn, individuals falling under this zodiac sign have to exert themselves more be it in professional front or in personal front. You need to work harder at your workplace than usual to get the desired outcomes on the projects / assignments you are working on. In your relationships, you need to go extra mile and show care for the sensibilities of your partner in order to go strong on your bonds.  On financial front, you will remain secure. On health front too, there is no such trouble in offing.


Saturn Transit 2021: Taurus


For Individuals falling under Taurus Zodiac sign, Saturn resides in two important houses of your horoscopes - ninth and tenth. Ninth house is often linked with luck and the blessings of almighty and the universe up there. And, the tenth house can be related to profession / occupation. In case of Taurians, results may get delayed. Obstacles might be faced in getting the desired results. However, during this transit, Saturn is here to test your patience. All you need to keep persistent with your efforts. Consistency and persistence will  be rewarded in the long run. There will be moments when one will feel insecure in his / her job. Business persons might feel the need to explore more markets for sale of goods / services. The word of advice is to keep working hard. Leave the rest and give your best. Dear Taurus, remain assured, you will be in good financial condition in the long run.  So will be your health. You will have some monetary gains in sight this year too. 


Saturn Transit 2021: Gemini

For Gemini, Saturn stays in the eighth and ninth house of your zodiac sign. During the period of Saturn transit in 2021, you are needed to work lot harder than usual to prove your worth at your work place. Insecurity about your future and job will keep revisiting you and try to cloud your mind. You need to put in efforts more than usual to reap the benefits of your efforts. This period will give you you stress. Hence it is very important for you to connect to spirituality and mediate too to remain calm and composed. 


Saturn may pose hurdles and all kinds of obstacles in your way this year. Financial loss can also be expected. Hence you need to be very careful and make sure not to indulge in speculation and not to be in rush to make windfall gains. Relationships with your siblings will also be on rocks. You need to be very careful that during this time, negativity doesn’t overpower you. Else, more losses may incur.

Saturn Transit 2021 : Cancer

Saturn will rule the seventh house of Cancers. Saturn transit 2021 will prove good for your work front be it business or job/career, but doesn’t seem favourable for your married life. You need to take care of health of your spouse which might bring you lot of stress. Difference in opinions may also bring you lot of uncomfortableness in your life. Your in laws will come to lend you a helping hand. 


Traders who are in the business of exports and imports will see rise in their incomes. New business partnerships will fall in place, though disagreements may arise among your business partners.Your reputation will build and you will gain respect during this period. You will also get opportunities to travel wide and far. Financial front will go strong. Health demands attention especially the older and middle aged ones need to take extra care of their health.


Saturn Transit 2021 : Leo

For Leos, Saturn remain seated in your sixth and seventh house of your sign. Sixth house is related to debt, occupation and health. This Saturn transit is stressful for the working professionals and employed ones. Working professionals need to rework / upgrade their skills to stay relevant to the industry they operate in. It is also very important for them to secure their jobs. They need to show willingness to their bosses / top managment that they are ready to take on more responsibilities and learn more.


Individuals in business will also face challenges in their growth. They too need to rework on their business strategies and, if need be, be prepared to lower their profit margins to score over their industry peers. Health will also remain another area of concern. Especially Middle aged and older ones  need to keep a check on their health. A minor health ailment or a minor irregularity in blood pressure should be taken seriously. They are highly advised to see a doctor. Married life and relationships will also not sail through without hiccups. A diplomatic engagements is suggested to keep things rolling, making your partner in happy go lucky mood. As they say, a peace at home will bring peace to mind.


Saturn Transit 2021 : Virgo

Saturn rules the fifth and sixth house of Virgos. This translates into favourable time for working professionals and the business persons. Businesses will thrive, progress will be made. 


Individuals who are in job will remain happy and contented in their job roles. They would be able to visualise their growth prospects and feel motivated to work harder. Saturn while staying in fifth house, will eye for the second house. Hence, finances should be planned with utmost care. Long term planning is recommended with contingency plans in place. However, money is expected to flow in from different sources. Health will remain good. Chronic health ailments are the only ones that Virgos need to take care of that they shouldn’t arise.


Saturn Transit 2021: Libra

Saturn will be seated in the fourth house of Libra and remain there throughout the year. Expenses will rise during the period of Saturn Transit in 2021. 

Lot of money will go into repairs and renovations at home. Money too can be invested in land and property. However, money will also pour in from different quarters and financials seem pretty strong. As your financial side gets stronger, your reputation and stature in family and society will also rise. You may face health issues for one of your family members.  Professionally, Librans will grow and make considerable strides in their career and profession. Tasks will be completed within stipulated time. Deadlines will be met. Seniors will be pleased with your work. Work will be demanding, hence a balance between your personal and professional lives need to be maintained. 

Saturn Transit 2021: Scorpio

Saturn will remain present in the third house for Scorpions all through the year 2021. Its presence in the third house translates success for the Scorpions in every task they undertake this year. 

When we say success, we talk about materialistic success for the people who fall under this zodiac sign. Be it working professionals or business men or traders or freelancers, all will experience rise in their income. Their colleagues will be supportive, they remained focused and unperturbed towards their goals. Overall, their surroundings will remain conducive for their professional growth and success. When Saturn moves into Shravan Nakshatra on January 22, this event should bring you immense luck and support where you will see completion of all your impending tasks and projects. This year will certainly be far better than last couple of years. Your financial woes will rest in peace. On family front, health of your near and dear ones will be a matter of grave concern for you.


Saturn Transit 2021: Sagittarius

As per the Saturn Transit 2021, planet Saturn resides in the second house of this zodiac sign throughout the year. Due to its presence in second house, people who are working in the government sector will see immense benefit. The blessings of God Shanidev will shower on you leading to happiness in your family and success in all your endeavours. If there are some troubles going on in the family or you are already struggling with family disputes, you will see a respite and amicable resolve to the matter is in sight for once and all. Windfall gains through ancestral property can also be envisaged, though health of your father is may deteriorate.

You may have to face verbal war of words, hence it is advisable to keep your calm and handle matter prudently. Success is on horizon but you need to exercise great caution while deciding which project to undertake and what strategy you may need to follow to make it see a light of the day.


Saturn Transit 2021: Capricorn


Planet Saturn will present in the first house of its own sign throughout the year, as per the Saturn Transit 2021 predictions


During this year, money will pour in. Financial success will come to you, regardless of what you engage in - business or a job. Sudden windfall gains are also on anvil through speculation or ancestral property. However, health will remain a grave concern for you. Chronic health ailments may crop up, bringing you stress and unhappiness. Family life will be linear. Differences with spouse may appear time to time. You will have have a feeling that he / she is unsupportive. In such situations, do not lose your calm, dialogue will be the key.


On work front, watch out for your reputation at the work place. Be very cautious in the second half. Stay away from the possibilities of link ups with opposite gender or extra marital affairs. These issues may bring you nightmares. Saturn will force you to work hard and, at the same time, it will ensure, you will be rewarded for your hard work. Business trips can be also be expected. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn in your natal chart, will turn you towards spirituality, where you may try to find deeper meanings in your life.

Saturn Transit 2021: Aquarius


Saturn will remain present in the twelfth house for this zodiac sign and remain seated there for the entire year. During this time, finances will remain good. Business or a trade you are operating in will flourish. Investments made in this year will be fruitful in long run. Family life, especially your married life is expected to remain disturbed. Expenses will rise. So will your health problems or health problems of yur family members. You will also deal with the problem of insomnia. People who are against you be it in family or at workplace, will go strong trying to cause troubles for you. You may travel wide and far in relation to your work/profession. You are advised to tame your expenses and be careful while dealing with your relationships in life. Students who are appearing for competitive exams will come out with flying colours.

Saturn Transit 2021: Pisces

As per the Saturn Transit 2021, planet Saturn will remain seated in the eleventh house for Pisceans for the entire year.  The placement of planet Saturn is very auspicious in this zodiac sign, which translate into good luck and showering of blessings of God Shanidev. Individuals falling under this zodiac sign should make the best use of this time as tasks/ goals  undertaken by them will yield results for them. The efforts of the students who are preparing for competitive exams will meet with success. However, their mind will be clouded on what they should do, which streams they should get into. There will be confusion and obstacles on their way, but if they remain determined through their efforts, Shanidev will reward them immensely. It is the behaviour of Planet Saturn, that it ensures one should not get anything easy. You need to strive wholeheartedly. But if you do that with sincerity and honesty, planet Saturn makes sure you get what you desired in life. Hence, business men and working professionals will thrive, given they do not go complacent and remain committed to their goals and keep working towards them. There will be peace and harmony in personal life, married life in particular. Health will remain satisfactory.


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